Over the past several months I’ve been acquiring a plethora of domain names with the intent to develop them into various niche websites. During the course of this domain acquisition period I never focused on buying names for one specific niche – instead I just focused on buying names when I knew I was getting a good deal AND when I could see there wasn’t too much competition. What I want to do is to build a network of highly targeted niche websites that are able to collectively generate over $10,000 per month on a consistent basis. I believe this will be a very difficult goal to accomplish, but if I can break $10,000 per month with websites I rarely need to update (or never) it will be another way to diversify my earnings and generate more much needed capital to further grow my business.

I have several parts planned for this case study and will share details as to how I buy domain names, pick niches, build websites, outsource content creation, do link building etc. along with the challenges I’ve faced with each facet of building a profitable website. I will also share income figures and more specifics so that it will help provide some context into what I’m doing. Moving forward as the income level for my niche network of websites begins to grow I’ll separate it out on my monthly income reports so that you can see what income is generated from the blogs, websites, forums etc. that I actively work on and contrast that with the more passive income.

I’ll have the first part of the case study next week which will cover domain acquisition strategies. Hopefully this sounds good to you, and if it does be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed (or email updates) and you should also follow me on Twitter