If you’ve read my story you’ll know that I make money in a wide variety of ways from my beginnings with a video game website, to selling information products, doing consulting calls, building and running content focused websites etc. The reason why I like to make money in several different ways is because the markets are always changing and it’s entirely possible for a market to fall apart overnight.

Google recently made a major change to their search engine results pages and while I normally don’t comment on a lot of SEO news I think this recent 12% change to all Google US results is worth talking about. Before we go any further, you might be wondering if my websites were affected by the recent changes by Google?

Short Answer: No.

Fortunately, the websites I build were unaffected by the changes that Google put into place that changed 12% of the Google US Search Engine Results Pages. (You can read the details of the changes here).

Should You Be Afraid Of Google Algorithm Changes?

Yes, of course you should be afraid of what Google may change because you can literally have an income stream cut off overnight. This is precisely why when I build websites I set out with the goal to create a website that is better than the #1 ranking website for my target keyword. This includes creating better content than the #1 site and getting more links from equal or greater sources than the #1 website.

While this sounds simplistic in theory it really can take a lot of work to build a great website; however, as I’ve illustrated before it can certainly be worth the effort especially when you can turn around and sell that website for six figures.

How To Sleep Easier At Night:

If you realize that the goal of Google is to provide users with the best experience then it makes perfect sense that your goal should be provide the best experience too. There is no set formula to build the best user experience for your website because it will change from website to website but one of the ways I sleep easier is when I look at the rest of the search results and fail to find a website that is presenting information better than I am. If you think about it from this perspective it makes it easier to know that there will be a place for you in future years as Google search gets better and better.

(Note: For today’s Google search quality links still play a critical role and I believe they will continue to for several more years. So while quality content is important don’t forget that’s only half of the puzzle)

Were your sites hit by the Google update? Share in the comments below…

Coming Up: I’m going to do another big update discussing my Amazon earnings as well as posting an update in my series on how to make a profitable information product. Stick around…