From Chris: I was getting ready to release Niche Profit Course version 2 in November (updated for 2012 with new case studies / strategies) when I got an email from one of my students – Kent Chow. He let me know that he had just made more than $4,000 with Amazon’s affiliate program in Novemember and wanted to thank me for releasing the Niche Profit Course. I love getting emails like these especially since Kent only bought Niche Profit Course in March of 2011 and he hit the $4,000 mark in a single month in under a year. Kent is not a typical student, but he does show what is possible when you focus your efforts on one specific area instead of being distracted by every shiny ball that hops along. He wanted to write a guest post about what his mindset strategies and what helped him to get such great results.

The following is a guest post by Kent Chow from Make Extra Money Online. Guest post guidelines here.

Every Amazon Associates like to reach their income goals, be successful, and get an Amazon payback month after month. What really makes the difference among them? The skills and tools? And the niche? I will share my secrets (success story) with you so you, too, can be successful.

Who am I? I’ve been following Chris’ blog since June 2010 and a proud student of his Niche Profit Course. Joining Chris’ NPC in March was one of the best decisions I have made on my online business journey. I had my first sale in May, 3-digit in Oct and 4K+ earning from Amazon in Nov 2011:

In order to be successful, I have been keeping a positive mind-set and a focus on one business model to help grow my monthly paycheck from Amazon. I hope this would inspire you to become a prosperous one.

Say NO to these 4 killers:

1. “I can’t!”

How many times have you heard about this inside yourself? “I can’t do this; I can’t do that.” Stop saying this to yourself. You can’t do it because you “really” can’t? In most cases is not “I can’t “, but “I don’t want to”. As long as you put your mind in doing something, then you can do it, no matter how hideous the task is.

2. “It’s not much!”

Yes, Amazon Affiliate commission starts as 4% which is not much. However, everything adds up. When you ship out 7 items or more, you get 6%. Shipping out 630+ items will get you 8%. Indeed, comparing to Clickbank Affiliate and Adsense payout, you could experience as high as 10% conversation rate. Every little bit does add up.

3. “It doesn’t work!”

If it doesn’t work, how come thousands of Amazon Associates are making hundreds and thousands every month? There are many business models out there. Amazon Affiliate is just one that worked well for me. Why not make it work for you? Why are you chasing THE next online business idea one after another?

4. “It’s too difficult!”

No pain, no gain. Indeed, internet marketing is not a rocket science. If you break the process and steps down task by task, it’s not that hard as you imagine. Simple walking away would not get where you want to be.

Instead, fill yourself up with a positive mind-set and start saying YES:

1. “I can!”

Trust and be confident in yourself is the first step to get you to take actions today. You know more than enough. No matter how big your goal or dream is, you can!

2. I set and REACH my goals – Set your goals little by little; one at a time. Take your time to define one, schedule and take action to reach it.

I set my daily and monthly financial goal, but it won’t get me there without taking actions. Instead, I set measurable goals like writing one product review every 2 days, build 10 backlinks everyday, or build 2 product review sites a month etc.

3. “I’m working on and finishing this!”

Reading blog posts, studying ebooks, watching video training won’t get you to reach your goals unless you do something with the information you’ve learned. Get off your butt and work on a task one by one. This is all you need to complete your project in schedule.

Sometimes it may take longer than you plan to complete a task like writing a product review, create backlinks, and customize your WordPress theme. Or you may hit road-blocker and don’t even know how.

There are tons of free information out there to unblock yourself. Google search, read, and do it piece-by-piece.

4. “I’m learning and growing everyday.”

There is a lot that we don’t know; We don’t even know what we don’t know. That’s ok.

As an aspiring Amazon Affiliate, you just keep learning on daily basis. It’s totally okay to make mistakes as they are your best teachers. Would you tell me which profitable internet marketers didn’t make any mistake?

You don’t need to know all steps perfect to get your niche sites out and make your sales. You are not failing, you are just one step closer to your success. Each of us have to take baby-steps in order to get to where we want. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it will certainly require us to work hard to achieve our goals.

Did I miss any successful mindsets that you would like to share with us? Which one is your favorite one?

From Chris: I will echo what Kent said. This business model really isn’t rocket science but it does take concentrated work on a few very specific tasks. If you’d like to buy Niche Profit Course you can do it here. Whatever you decide to do, pick one thing to focus on and go after that.